Executive Producer

My goal is to help you produce or enhance your content and message in as many forms as possible. Whether it’s web only content or spots for TV, the message needs to be clear and concise.

Creative Content Writer

I typically develop a campaign message with the client. If you already have a specific message or content already created, then it’s a matter of what format to draw the viewer into. Web only commercials, social media, or a national TV spot are all possible depending upon the range of viewership you are trying to reach.

In 2010 I started producing a web series after a 12 year hiatus from working on live TV. I was inspired to start producing my own content as youtube and other media channels became viable outlets for successful media projects. Soon enough I was being called upon to help others write content and produce quality pitch campaigns for clients. That turned into me executive producing the content and thus working with various directors and creatives to complete their vision.